restcgi Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
restcgi::bad_request"Bad request" exception
restcgi::conflict"Conflict" exception
restcgi::contentBase class for content stream (HTTP message body)
restcgi::content_hdrEntity content HTTP header fields
restcgi::cookieHTTP cookie as a name, value, and attributes
restcgi::cookie_attrsCookie attributes
restcgi::cookiesCollection of cookies
restcgi::cookies::observerCookies observer interface
restcgi::ctmplTemplate for creating content using variable replacement
restcgi::date_timeDate and time class wrapping UTC time_t type for HTTP formats
restcgi::endpointRepresents the HTTP service endpoint
restcgi::envCGI environment variables
restcgi::env::hdr_iteratorIterator over the header field string pairs: name, value
restcgi::exceptionBase class for throwing exceptions when processing HTTP methods
restcgi::general_hdrGeneral HTTP header fields
restcgi::gone"Gone" exception
restcgi::hdrHTTP header base class mapping field names to values
restcgi::hdr::fld_traitsTraits for the standard fields
restcgi::hdr::keyKey for field-to-value map
restcgi::http_textHTTP/1.1 specification "TEXT"
restcgi::http_tokenHTTP/1.1 specification "token"
restcgi::http_wordHTTP/1.1 specification "word", either a "token" or quoted text
restcgi::icontentInput content stream from HTTP request message body
restcgi::internal_server_error"Internal server error" exception
restcgi::methodHTTP method class
restcgi::method_eMethod type enumeration
restcgi::method_not_allowed"Method not allowed" exception
restcgi::no_content"No content" exception
restcgi::not_found"Not found" exception
restcgi::not_modified"Not modified" exception
restcgi::ocontentOutput content stream for HTTP response message body
restcgi::precondition_failed"Precondition failed" exception
restcgi::request_entity_too_large"Request Entity Too Large" exception
restcgi::request_hdrRequest and general HTTP header fields
restcgi::reset_content"Reset content" exception
restcgi::resourceBase class for REST resource
restcgi::response_hdrResponse, general, and some entity HTTP header fields
restcgi::restREST processing for application resources
restcgi::see_other"See other" exception
restcgi::status_code_eHTTP status code enumeration
restcgi::tiny_parserTiny parser
restcgi::unauthorized"Unauthorized" exception
restcgi::unsupported_media_type"Unsupported Media Type" exception
restcgi::uri_infoURI information for the located resource
restcgi::versionInformation that identifies a version of a resource
restcgi::version_constraintConstraint on a resource's version which governs the operation of or response to a method
restcgi::version_tagVersion tag class for identifying versions using a string

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